Yoga with Adriene

Two weeks ago, I decided that I needed to incorporate something new into my daily life. Prior to Christmas, I had participated in a strength training class twice a week for 12 weeks, and managed to hit Personal Records on all of my lifts (225 lbs. on squat, 215 lbs on deadlift, and over 100 lbs on bench). But now I wanted something to help lean me out. I was tired of pushing myself to be physically stronger. I wanted to push myself to be stronger mentally as well, and not just in the "you can do it" kind of way. So, I searched for some yoga videos. Happy

One morning in my living room, I rolled out a yoga mat and spoke into my Xfinity remote, and found Adriene. Yoga with Adriene has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, and after just one or two of her videos you can see why. I started her Dedicate: 30 Day Yoga Journey, and after just completing Day 13 with her, I can say that I look forward to waking up each and every day now. She has become my morning. Her encouraging words help me wake up, and give me the strength that I need to face a new day.

Surprisingly, I am doing much better at this whole yoga thing than I expected. I have always tried to maintain good flexibility, but I don't have that lean bohemian body that you typically see going in and out of a yoga studio. Two weeks of Dedicate and I feel more erect, more poised, and am 6 lbs. lighter. I am hoping to take another 14 lbs. off before March. Maybe one day I will share what I am doing with my diet to pair up with this awesome yoga journey, but for now, I'll let you get back to your life.