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to the WINNERS of the 2019 iTreasure Hunt.

All winners are identified by their preference.

1st Place:
Maureen Lynch
(Silver Coin #39)

2nd Place:
Genetic Blend
(Silver Coin #38)

3rd Place:
Anonymous Female from Texas
(Bronze Coin #642)

4th Place:
Polar Bean
(Bronze Coin #734)

5th Place:
(Copper Art #6)

6th Place:
Keith “The Floridude” Long
(Copper Art #17)

7th Place:
Minotaur Moreno Justin
Honorable Mention

8th Place:
Male from New York
Honorable Mention

to everyone for playing along.

This iTreasure Hunt is meant to test your Google and critical thinking skills. You can find the answers to all of the clues on the internet. There is no need to leave your home.

You will find that the clues vary in their challenge level. Some of the clues are poems, some will be picture based, and others… well, I guess you will just have to wait and see.

Thank you for playing along, and good luck on your quest through the internet.

Rules and Information:

***Please note: If you are experiencing issues entering in your answers on an Android device, please try downloading another browser (such as Firefox) to play along on.

  • Must be a subscriber to The Odious Soul YouTube Channel.
  • No purchase required.
  • Videos will be randomly released on The Odious Soul YouTube Channel, so it is recommended that you turn on notifications.
  • Each video will contain one clue. Watch the video, figure out the answer, and head to the website to input the answers.
  • You cannot skip ahead on the website. You must answer Clue #1 before you will gain access to the Clue #2 answer page, and so on and so forth.
  • Once you answer all 10 Clues, you will be given instructions on how to claim your prize.
  • Prizes are limited, and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Keep a record of your answers. The password protected pages will keep you logged in for 60 days. If it takes you longer than that to make it through all 10 clues, you will have to re-enter any answers that hit the 60 day expiration.
  • If using a public computer, it is recommended to log out of the clues you entered in, so no one using the computer after you gets a free ride.
  • No final submissions will be accepted before the final video has been released. (Just in case there is any funny business going on out there!)
  • Submissions from YouTube Accounts that have been "hidden" from making comments on The Odious Soul YouTube channel will be considered null and void. (Call it karma for making me hide your comments.)
  • If your numerical answer is less than the number of spaces provided, enter "0"'s in the first empty fields.
    • If your answer is a word or letters, only use lower case letters!
      • If your answer is more than one word, do not use the spaces.

        Available Prizes:

        Silver Forrest Fenn Search Coin #38

        Silver Forrest Fenn Search Coin #39

        Bronze Forrest Fenn Search Coin #642

        Bronze Forrest Fenn Search Coin #734

        Where Warm Waters Halt Copper Art #6 by Daniel and Frances Hedblom

        Where Warm Waters Halt Copper Art #17 by Daniel and Frances Hedblom

        The 1st person to complete all 10 Clues and complete the form will also receive the figure doodles from Forrest Fenn that were drawn specifically as a prize for this hunt.

        Sponsors of the Hunt: