The Last Six Questions with Forrest Fenn

Today we read the last set of Six Questions that Forrest Fenn will provide to Jenny Kile of Mysterious Writings. The answers to the questions left us with the same wondering mind that the previous set of six questions had, but this years answers contained something a bit more. They contained the emotional news that Forrest will be creating more separation between himself, and the chase. So, what exactly does that mean for the search community? It means that he will be answering less emails. He will be providing less interviews and statements to the press. It means that he will be trying to enjoy the rest of his life with his family and loved ones, without the static and noise from the chase getting in the way.

Is this something that we should be surprised about? Not at all. Forrest has tried to step back before, but just as the thrill of the chase can entice someone to addiction level, the buzz of this crazy search community can pull people back in for more socializing. I do believe that this time will be different for him though. I believe that as the age of 90 slowly creeps up to his doorstep, he is learning that he needs to slow down and separate himself from the drama of the chase. I do believe he's done this chase tired, and now is weak.

Recently, a few of very visual searchers have laid claim that they are quitting the chase and taking time off as well. Their decisions have created quite the ripple in the community. Speculations of all kinds are running rampant. I would like to encourage the community, however, to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and count to 10. By the time you open your eyes back up, they will be back. Quitting the chase and taking a break has become quite the great attention grabber. If you ask me, it's a lot like suicide. The person who cries suicide is usually the one who won't actually go through with it. It's the quiet ones who just sneak off are the ones you have to worry about.